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Wine Journal

Wine Journal

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Our wine journals were created alongside Kellie Martin from SommSchool so you're getting a professional sommelier's input on what's important to note about the wine you love.

  • Each wine journal measures 8.5" W by 7.25" H, with the interior pages being 7.25" by 7.25" making it the perfect size to keep nearby in your kitchen or bar area.
  • The journal is divided into three sections: reds, whites & other (for your rosè, sparkling, dessert wines, etc).
  • There are pages to record 20 bottles of wine within each section, for a total of 60 bottles. If you only drink, say, red wines and would prefer to omit the tabs to have more flexibility you can just select "no tabs" in the tabs drop-down menu and you'll have 60 pages to use however you'd like.
  • The front cover is cork and the back cover is a thick, sturdy chipboard.
  • Free shipping on all books - no code necessary!

We've been enjoying glancing at our wine journal before purchasing wine and remembering how much we loved that Tannat from Uruguay last fall, rather than roaming the aisles and getting overwhelmed by all the choices. Cheers!
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