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Birthday Book: Lanterns

Birthday Book: Lanterns

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Let's face it, after the first year of your child's life it becomes much more difficult to find the time to write down all those memories, favorites and milestones. However, those memories are still precious, and you're going to want a special place to keep them for years to come.

We have created small, manageable, guilt-free birthday books to help you continue to record just the right amount of sweet memories after your child's first year.

  • Birthday books are 8.5" W x 7.25" H with the interior pages being 7.25" x 7.25", making it the perfect size to keep nearby and close-at-hand. Our lay-flat design and simple prompts add to the manageability of our products.
  • Pages accommodate up to 4"x6" photos;  3"x5" and 3x3" or 4x4" square prints also work well.
  • There’s an envelope in the back of each book to hold additional photos and other small mementos.
  • Free shipping on all books - no code necessary. 

The book pictured is for a one-year old {starting with their 1st birthday} but this design is available up to age 6. Just specify what number/age you'd like in the "version" drop-down menu.

Each book will contain the following sections, printed using a high-quality laser printer on premium, bright-white card stock:


A four page birthday spread with a place for a 4x6 photo and a few quick notes of how you celebrated, who was there, etc., and photo pages for two additional birthday party pictures. This section is followed by nine holiday pages, each with a place for a 4x6 photo and a quick blurb about how you celebrated. The following holidays are included in this section: Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (or Hanukkah. If you'd prefer Hanukkah, just let us know in the "Message to Seller" box at checkout).

Please use the "holiday start" date drop-down menu to choose which holiday you'd like this section to begin with, based on your child's birthday (Select the one right after their birthday. For example, if your child's birthday is July 1st, you'd select Fourth of July).


These four pages are to record your child's favorite things (games, toys, songs, food, etc) and to include four 4x6 photos of them with their favorite things.


Twelve pages, each with a place for a 4x6 photo and a few blank lines to record any moments you don't want to forget such as family vacations, special outings, milestones, etc. Or use these twelve pages to record a moment from each month of the year.

Sweet Things

Our favorite part! These twelve lined journal pages are where you'll want to write down all the strange, silly, and down-right hilarious things that come out of your child’s mouth. It's amazing how quickly you forget the funny things they say so be sure to keep your book close at hand so you can write it all down.

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